As firm believers in the oft-quoted maxim that ‘creative without strategy is art, creative with strategy is advertising’, at LIQUID, you’ll find detail-oriented analysts who forensically examine a brand’s situation, methodically reviewing quantitative and qualitative data to map strategic opportunities; and creative left-fielders who develop those strategic opportunities into compelling brand experiences, impactful verbal and visual identities and powerful communications which delve deep into the psyche of the intended audience.


Strategic decisions have to be grounded upon reality – insights into the people you want as brand advocates are essential, as is a detailed understanding of both business challenges and objectives. Through the garnering of relevant qualitative and quantitative data on the target audience and from internal and external stakeholders, as well as a brand audit, we can uncover insightful pearls of brand significance and use them to optimum effect.


Research can reveal the ideal strategic path for a business and brand to follow; defining the brand strategy is half-way to winning the hearts and minds of the target consumer. The strategy aims to plot the opportunities that exist within the marketplace to ensure that the right attributes of the brand are developed and underscored by effective positioning and definition.


Semiotics is paramount in winning cultural capital, which is what an effective and impactful brand identity helps to achieve. The verbal identity including naming, tagline, key messages and tone of voice is the oral + aural bridge between product + service and brand advocate; whereas the visual identity associates in the audience’s neural network a brand connection from colour, iconography, typography and visual graphics.

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Designing the customer experience is an integral part of brand interaction; the promises made to the market have to be delivered upon or best of all exceeded. As the power of the brand lies in the mind of the consumer, moments along the customer journey and interaction can be elevated to leave a lasting epiphanic memory and generate that loyal army of brand advocates, sharing the love through social media.


Selecting the appropriate communication channels, whether through traditional print and TV media or through online and social media, goes in harmony with the brand strategy. Whether for existing brands, or new brands, LIQUID proposes and executes agreed communications plans which utilise the most effective channels in respect of the target audience.



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